Why Should You Hire A Designer At All?

Why Do I need a Designer?

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 Interior designers have a natural ability to see space, scale, and proportion, which helps them improve the aesthetics of your home. They act as your partner and advocate in creating a beautiful space for your family and will bring the vision that you have for your home to fruition. From the first draft of the plan to the last chair pushed in or pillow fluffed, a designer will manage every detail. However, you may be thinking you can save money by doing everything yourself. 

Innovative & Polished Design

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Designers envision, plan and outfit spaces in a way that makes them both beautiful and functional. By marrying your lifestyle with the architecture of the space, you get a space that is not only functional but lovely as well. They ensure that all of those tiny, unglamorous details, such as electrical outlet colors, air vent cover styles, and finishes fit into the overall plan. Those creative minds can come up with things that you could have only imagined, and their attention to detail will give you a space that is polished and pulled together. 

Saving You Money

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Interior Designers ability to carefully listen to what you want and then show you clear and detailed plans so you can easily visualize what they have in mind is invaluable. Afterwards, they'll share and review working drawings with your contractor before materials are ordered so you can keep your cash in your wallet. We don't just save you money with an excellent design. For most of us, our home is our largest financial investment, so, it makes sense to put its well-being in the hands of a professional.

Why Should You Hire A Designer At All?

Saving You Time

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Designers will not only save you money but will also save your valuable time. They have the needed sources to complete a project and have thousands of resources at their disposal. They know which manufacturer's fabrics and finishes match dye lot to dye lot as well as how to specify specialty applications for custom cabinetry and upholstery, so manufacturers understand precisely what you want. They know ordering times. 

Experience Helps

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Perhaps the biggest advantage to using a designer is that they manage your project in a way that causes the least amount of disruption in your life. Their years of experience let them know every detail of the business and project management side of design. There's no substitute for a professional designer. Share your vision with them and watch them make it happen. 


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 Want to update your kitchen or bathroom? Kaitlyn can help you with this too! She works in conjunction with an amazing contractor and the results speak for themselves. She not only draws up a plan but also helps you choose all the cabinets, backsplash, countertops, flooring and paint color. But she won’t leave you once she’s done that. She can help you get a new kitchen table, drapery for the windows and even help you pick out new dishes and dish towels. 

Whatever It Is You Want, We Can Do It!


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If you are a DIY kind of person but aren’t sure what you’re DIYing, we can help! Call and schedule a two-hour consultation with Kaitlyn. It’s like having a designing tornado whip through your house. When she leaves, the only thing you will need is a nap. You will have a clear plan on what you need to do right there. Kaitlyn will leave you with tons of ideas to make your house feel more like a home. 


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You have your furniture: sofa, chairs, end tables, and ottoman. But the room still feels cold and unwelcoming. Kaitlyn can fix that! She will take what you have and add all those little touches that take your room from, “Oh. Nice.” To "Oh Wow This is Beautiful!” Turner Home Design lets you spend your weekends actually enjoying the room and not searching for area rugs. We find you the right paint color, the perfect window treatment, the best accessories that make you happy to be home.


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You don’t need to live with this, but for some reason, you are. Maybe you just don’t know how to fix it up. Maybe you don’t know how to do it correctly. Don’t waste another day walking by an empty room. At Turner Home Design, we have upholstery, furniture, area rugs, greenery, mirror, art, accessories, lighting, wall covering and drapery. We help you select the right pieces to fit your space, budget and lifestyle. We handle all the ordering, shipping, storage and delivery.